How I deal with feedback.

12/04/2017 11 : 45

Feedback is a very sensitive topic, especially in our branch. I personally am someone who loves feedback, it helps me move forwards towards a better product. But a lot of people can't handle feedback because of a few reasons and I think I know why...

I'll start by telling how I deal with feedback and why it's awesome(because it is!). I like my feedback to be as harsh as possible, I hate it when people try to avert the topic so they won't hurting my feelings (I CAN HANDLE IT, I'M AN ADULT). It's my work you're criticizing, not me. I know you don't hate me, you just don't think my work is the best possible right now. Also I'm asking for feedback, I'm not asking for you to love my work. I'm asking you what you don't like about my work or what you think needs improvement. It helps me deliver better work and it teaches me a lot. I like it to be straightforward (as it should be) because then I know what needs improvement and fixing before I start with the next step.

Now i'll tell you why I think a lot of people don't like getting feedback or get mad when you give feedback even though they asked for FEEDBACK. I'm in my final year of IMD at Thomas More, we have a lot of projects going on and a lot of time is spent working on them. But what I see a lot in my year is that when some of my fellow students go ask for feedback, they expect that you like what they made. They don't want feedback, they want your approval. But that's not what feedback is, feedback is just a way of improving your work.

Anyways, feedback should be feedback and not *sskissing, why?

Presentations and my experience

11/12/2017 19 : 36

Alright so let's start by saying that I was never a fan of giving a presentation. Either it was in front of the class or just reading my new year letter to my parents or grandparents. I was always really nervous and a lot of the times my face turned red, like tomato red. Which made it way worse.

Since I'm now in my third and final year of college I've had to give a lot of presentations and honestly I really start to enjoy doing these. I came to the conclusion this year that whenever I'm "on stage", I'm a lot calmer, thoughtful and spontaneous than all my previous years. I don't even turn red anymore which is a big thing (for me)! The thing is, I don't know what triggered this. I mean it could be a lot of things.

Maybe it's because I'm getting older(and wiser) that I care less about what people think of me, maybe because of the fact that I got a lot of experience from doing a lot of presentations these last years, maybe it's something that just happened over night. I don't know, but the fact is, I enjoy giving presentations now and I hope it stays this way!

Anyways, this is my first official blog. So please give me feedback in the comments! I love feedback <3

Also here's a picture of me doing a presentation..